Favorite Kailua Businesses you MUST stop and shop.

When you get a chance and find yourself in the Kailua area, these are our absolute favs that you can’t leave without checking out.


“Since 1985, Manuheali`i has continued to evolve as a family owned and operated company that creates an array of lifestyle and clothing products. From concept and design to final product, each “Manu” becomes truly unique with our original graphics and styles. -Manuhealii“

There is not a home in Hawaii that doesn’t know or have an item from this hawaiian favorite.  For those who love to have matching patterns to sport with loved ones, this has been our go to place.

Manuhealii grahpic
Image from Manuhealii

Global Village

“Since 1995, Global Village Boutique has been in Kailua serving to inspire the fashionista in each of us.

With an everchanging product mix, Global Village Boutique has cultivated a strong, loyal following from in-the-know locals, to welltraveled tourists, and a sprinkling of passer-by celebrities, alike. -Global Village”

A super cute boutique to stop at while grabbing that quick cup of joe at Starbucks or after a hearty lunch at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers!

Global Village Graphic with model in store shirt in front of Global Village Kailua shop.
image from Global Village

Kailua Farmers Market Thursdays

If You happen to be in Kailua on a Thursday, head down to the Longs Kailua area and check out the many different vendors from that bring so much goodness. Fruits, vegetables all locally grown. Restaurants cooking up delicious items, and everyone’s favorite baked goods could be found in a booth or two.

Grab a cooler of beverages and chairs and enjoy the food while watching the energy of the open market. You will not regret it.

Google Pics of different vendors at Kailua Farmers Market thursday

Kailua Nails

You never know when you’ll need to fix a nail or just because you want one. Everyone is a nail person and this is an LKBR personal favorite.


Nails by Kailua Nails

Bob’s Two Good Kayak

“What started in 1982 as a simple garage operation to build paddles for Hawaii’s kayakers has evolved into the most diversified and qualified paddle sports outlet in Hawaii. For over 35 years, our founder and President Bob Twogood has sought to provide every kayaker, from Olympic Gold Medalists and World Champions, to the Newest Beginner, with the Best Kayak and Canoe Equipment and Service, Tours and Rentals.”


Kayakers in water by Chinamens Hat
Image via TwoGoods Kayak Instagram Page

Island Snow

“James Kodama grew up in Kailua, Oahu. His dream was to own a business one day that would be a fun gathering place for friends and ohana (family). A business that would spread the “Aloha spirit”, a feeling that is so unique to Hawaii. In 1979, Island Snow was born. Its unusual offering combined authentic Hawaiian shave ice with a premium locally made clothing line. Through these quality products, Island Snow embraces it’s Hawaiian roots and perpetuates Kodama’s dream to share the Aloha with you and your ohana. -Island Snow”

If you travel to Hawaii or live here, shave ice is one of the best brain freeze treats in life.  Some say why isn’t it “shaveD” ice. We don’t know, it’s just how we roll here in Hawaii and say it.  Like the nail lady, locals have their favorite place to get their shave ice game on.  For us, we obsess over Island Snow.  It was a favorite spot for the 44th president while he spent the holidays back home with his family. 

Island Snow Cup with Delicious Shaved Ice in Kailua, Oahu
Image from Island Snow

Aarons Dive Shop

“Established in 1971 by founder Jack Aaron, Aaron’s Dive Shop has since grown into Oahu’s most respected dive facility and is recognized as the #1 Dive Operator and Dive Shop on the island. In the 80s and 90s, Jack worked for countless movies, TV series, and music videos both instructing stars and playing a huge behind the scene role. -Aarons’ Dive Shop“

Did you live another life under the sea?  Then, you have to see Aaron’s Dive Shop to help you relive that! 


Underwater view in the sea of Oahu for Aaron's Dive Shop
Image from Aaron's Dive Shop

Let us know your favorite small businesses you have enjoyed here in Kailua!  Drop us an email, just click below.

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